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Your Guide On Rolling A Blunt With A Blunt Wrap

Similar to a joint, a blunt is used to smoke cannabis, A blunt, in contrast to a joint, is wrapped in tobacco leaf paper rather than ordinary rolling paper. This component is responsible for many of the defining characteristics of a blunt, such as its signature flavor, aroma, effect, and burn time.

Some members of the cannabis community have strong opinions about blunts. Some users love blunts so much that they never smoke anything else, while others can't stand the strong odor or flavor of the tobacco leaf wrap. You can't expect to roll the ideal blunt on your first attempt, so keep trying if you don't get it right away.

Rolling A Blunt With A Blunt Wrap - OME Palm Leaf

How To Roll A Blunt

Here’s an easy guide on how to roll your own blunts.

Grind Your Weed

There are some little things you should do before you even begin rolling your blunt. It is critical to have your cannabis pre-ground.

A grinder is the most efficient tool for reducing cannabis into a more manageable consistency. Using this device ensures a uniform grind and, in turn, a more pleasant, uniform burn. If you don't have access to a grinder, you may break the cannabis apart with your fingers or use tiny scissors to chop the bud into pieces. Be as careful as you can so as not to destroy the trichomes containing cannabinoids.

Select Your Favorite Wrap

A regular blunt smoker's wrap of choice might serve as an identifier. Trying out a few different brands is recommended if you're new to blunts. In fact, you could branch out and try a flavored wrap. Experiment with various blunt wraps to find your favorite!

Alternatively, if you have a preference for more than one brand, you may choose one whenever the mood strikes you.

Break Down Your Blunt

Using a razor blade to cut it in half lengthwise is the cleanest and most exact method for dismantling a cigar or cigarillo wrapper. The hands may also be used, although care must be used to separate the wrapping without ripping it or shattering it. You may just toss the unused tobacco if you've already cut open your cigar or cigarillo.

Moisten Your Blunt

You should moisten the wrap before you begin rolling, as this will make the tobacco leaf more malleable and manageable. This may be done with either water or saliva. Some people use a wet paintbrush, while others like licking the blunt wrap. Don't get it drenched; else, it may all fall apart. A little spray of water will make the wrap easier to handle.

Rolling A Blunt With A Blunt Wrap - OME Palm Leaf Wraps

Add Your Weed

Use your non-dominant hand to hold the tobacco wrap. Make a U-shaped trough with the wrap by positioning your index fingers and thumbs. Take a pinch of your marijuana powder and lay it within the tobacco wrap to form a line the length of the wrap. Take care not to overfill it; you'll still need some room to roll the tobacco leaf around the cannabis to fully enclose it.

Roll Your Blunt

Gently shake the paper back and forth using both hands. By making this action, you are compacting and leveling the marijuana. Using this method, you may start forming your blunt into a cylinder of consistent thickness. Bring one edge of the wrap-up over the marijuana, then tuck it beneath the other side of the cloth once you have the desired shape. The cannabis should now be entirely enclosed inside the wrapping.

Seal The Blunt

You may use your tongue to dampen the wrap's edge that is presently in your hand. When one edge of the wrap is wet from being licked, it may be used as glue to seal the other edge. Because of the humidity, the tobacco should cling together and close the blunt. Make sure the newly created seam is completely sealed all the way along the blunt.

Finally, run a lighter along the seam vertically. The tobacco is dried, and the seam is locked in place, preventing the blunt from coming apart during smoking.

If you're looking for blunt wraps that are easy on the planet and your lungs, check out OME Palm Leaf. ​ Our wraps are smooth and pleasant. Get yours today!

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