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Traditional Blunt Wraps: Not the Best Choice for Everyone

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

When you go to your local smoke shop, you are faced with nearly 100 options: tobacco blunt wraps, hemp wraps, hemp rolling papers, rice-paper cigarette papers, or a natural palm leaf, such as King Palm or OME. Which do you decide to go with, and why?

I would have to go with a pre-rolled palm leaf. There is something about the ease of packing, the slow burn, and the smooth smoke that I just love.

Blunt wraps are nice and all, but there are several reasons why I don’t use them as much:

  • Unhealthy- tobacco and other chemicals in blunt wraps have proven to be carcinogenic over the long term. OME Palm Leafs are 100% tobacco and chemical-free.

  • Can taste bad- some people like the flavor of a Grape Swisher Sweet when they sit back and smoke. For me? I prefer to leave the cough syrup for when I’m sick. OME Leaf Palms, even our flavored ones, boast a very mild taste

  • Hard to Roll- I’ve re-rolled countless Swisher Sweets and other blunt wraps, and I always find myself annoyed at the process: cracking or cutting open the blunt, dumping the tobacco, mixing the herb in, and trying to re-seal it with water or saliva. It’s not for everyone.

Luckily, packing an OME Palm leaf is easy enough for your Grandmother to do it. Speaking of hard to roll, here are 3 reasons why I don’t enjoy rolling papers:

  • Fast burning- When you pay $5-10 to roll 0.5 - 1 gram of herb into a joint, you want to be sure you get your money’s worth. Paper joints or blunts burn so fast that I feel like more smoke is seeping away while I’m holding it than when I actually smoke it. OME Palm Leaf wraps offer the slowest burn for the perfect long session

  • Even harder to roll- You thought blunt wraps were difficult? Now try it but with something that rips easily and is smaller than your palm. Trying to carry a soap bubble from one end of the room to the next is about how I would describe the experience: delicate, painful, difficult, and annoying

  • Taste like paper- When I smoke, I want to taste the herb, not the paper. That’s very straightforward, and it’s why I seriously recommend OME Palm Leaf wraps. The flavors are very subtle and don’t overpower the herb in the slightest.

There are many options when choosing your preferred method of smoking, from blunt wraps to rolling papers, to natural palm leaf wraps. My personal favorite is OME Palm Leaf rolls, due to their great flavors like Bubble Gum and Russian Cream; the slow, smooth burn; and their affordable price.

Blueberry OME Palm Leaf Hand Rolled Leaf

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