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OME Palm Leaf Wraps: Authentic, Organic Pre-Rolled Wraps

Next time you smoke, I challenge you to sit back and think about the experience you’re having. What flavors are you getting? How hot is the smoke? How thick is the smoke? If you’re using papers, how fast is it burning? While you might not always think about these experiences you’re feeling, they all affect your overall smoking satisfaction. In the following 4 paragraphs, I will talk about these experiences and how you can improve them by trying OME Palm Leaf, an authentic, 100% organic pre-rolled palm leaf wrap.

If you’re like most of our customers, you will find that the flavors you intake while smoking often overpowers the herb; either you’re using a pipe and you taste the old, burnt herb, or you’re using some form of papers or wrap and you can only taste the paper or flavoring put on the wrap. OME Palm Leaves are the perfect solution to this problem. To begin, all of our 12 flavors are very subtle tastes. When you smoke the Russian Cream leaf palm, you will mostly taste the flavor of your herb, but with a little aftertaste of Russian Cream. In addition, the non-flavored leaf provides a very natural, mostly unnoticeable taste when burning, unlike most rolling papers. Try an OME Palm Leaf wrap and you will not be disappointed.

What’s the worst part of smoking? That’s an easy one: the heat of the smoke. This is a minor issue for OME Palm Leaf wraps, as our specially rolled corn-husk filters act as a coolant for the smoke. If you are testing one out, try pinching, biting down, or rolling the filter between your fingers to create a luxuriously cool intake.

Another thing that most smokers are looking for is a cloud of thick smoke, mainly for the purpose of a cool aesthetic (there’s no problem with that). Those that try pipes or water pipes will be disappointed by the lack of heavy smoke that they produce. The same goes for rolling papers. Due to the all-natural leaf used for OME Palm Leaf wraps, they produce a thicker smoke than any other method of consumption. This allows for the amateurs and pros alike to enjoy the clouds they can produce.

The final point to make regarding OME Palm Leaf wraps is the speed at which they burn. Most hand-rolled cigarettes burn very fast, which is both wasteful and disappointing to someone who wants to sit back and enjoy the experience. The slowest burn you will find lies with OME Palm Leaf wraps. Due to the type of leaf and the humidity at which they’re stored in the pack, OME Palm Leaves offer a smooth, slow burn to satisfy all your smoking needs.

Why wait? Go to your local smoke shop or go online and order an OME Palm Leaf wrap today, you will be 100% satisfied.

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