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OME Palm Leaf: An Experience to Remember

When was the first time you tried an OME Palm Leaf wrap? Do you remember the occasion?

For me, it was a cool, crisp September evening. I was relaxing on the black metal patio furniture outside my house. I was with three or four choice friends. When we were laughing and passing the palm leaf wrap around, we saw a bluejay swoop down and land not ten feet from us. The taste of the palm leaf wrap reminded me subtly of Green tea. We ended up putting the pre-roll out to re-light later. It certainly was an evening to remember: relaxed, enjoying life with my friends.

If you’ve tried an OME Palm Leaf roll, try to think back on that first experience. Was it an experience to remember? If you’ve never tried one before, take a second to imagine what it would be like for you… Perhaps the experience will be outside, or inside. What would you be wearing? How do you imagine the palm leaf will taste?

When we sell palm leaf wraps, we aren’t actively trying to make a bunch of money, or gain a large amount of influence. No, when we sell these pre-rolls, we are trying to share an experience with our customers, the experience of pure luxury when smoking. This is OME.

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