OME 100% Natural Pre-rolls with slow and smooth and slow burn now available in New Strawberry Flavor.

  • Long Lasting Burn effect 
  • Slow and Smooth Burn 
  • All-Natural Best experience for relaxation
  • What It includes: 15 Packs of 3 Wraps with 1 stick in each pack 
  • Total 45 rolls and 15 stick for your convenience 
  • Just Pack and Smoke All Easy Process 

Customers Experience got more exciting with new Lychee Ice Flavor Try it now !!


Box of 45 Wraps Box of 45 Wraps Lychee Ice Flavor W

  • Just Fill It Tightly compress your choice of herbs, but without using extreme force. Use a semi-chunky grind for maximum flavor. Our leaf wraps have a very mild earthy taste and do not alter the flavors of the herbs you are using.

    Pro Tip - You can also bite or squeeze the tip for a tighter draw, which will result in a cooler smoke

  • Case Quantity :

    • 1 Case = 24 boxes of 15 packs 

    For More Wholesale Information and Price inquires Please contact us at, we will get back to you in 1-2 Business days.

    Every Puff has a Vibe to it..

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