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If you’re like most of our customers, you will find that the flavors you intake while smoking often overpowers the herb; either you’re using a pipe and you taste the old, burnt herb, or you’re using some form of papers or blunt wrap and you can only taste the paper or flavoring put on the wrap. You can improve them by trying OME Palm Leaf, an authentic, 100% organic, tobacco free pre-rolled palm leaf wrap. To find out more about our brand, visit the about us page.


  • Long-Lasting Burn

  • Super Smooth smoke

  • Corn Husk Filter 

  • Natural Terpene Flavors

  • All-Natural, 100% organic

  • Tobacco free with no glue or added chemicals

  • Just pack and smoke-- a super easy process 


What It includes:


  • 15 Packs of 3 Wraps each with 1 stick in each pack

  • Total: 45 rolls and 15 sticks for your convenience




Box of 45 MEDIUM Wraps - Mango Ice Flavor

SKU: 706189405994
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